Friday, June 13, 2008

Penelope (Penny) Death, Grim Reaper Extraordinaire.

“There are three things that I want to get across first.

  1. I love the color pink. If I could I would color the world with it.
  2. I did not choose my job and I don’t like it.
  3. I am Death. I am the so called Grim Reaper.

“I’m not sure this job should be passed down. Since I’m an only child it seems to have fallen on me but I am not exactly the dark and death kind of person. My father pulled the task off pretty well; I used to have nightmares about him and now that he is dead I probably will again.

“That’s another thing, I can’t retire or quit I have to die… I’m not sure how if you are the Reaper but I suppose it’s like your boss sends you the pink slip and some guards escort you off the premises. Anyway, I don’t know how to do my job. Well, not do it as in accomplish the tasks that are set before me but I can’t wear black. The problem is the uniform. I asked if I could change it but they are against an angel of death (my on invention) in a cute pink mini skirt and top with black accents and pink pumps.

“I think even if I was able to pull of the black tarp that is my uniform I still wouldn’t be any sort of intimidating. I’m only 5 foot even. I don’t even have height on my side. And I don’t like the scythe at all. It’s like two feet taller than I am and heavy. I mean shouldn’t it be made of something more up to date and lighter?

“I may take liberties to change it anyway. I mean if I’m going to be stuck doing this for the rest of my life I want to be able to stomach it at least. Of course I’ll have to leave the scythe but I might give it some kind of remodeling. The department head would have to approve it unfortunately since I need it infused with the severing magic to rip souls out.

“So I was thinking the outfit idea of a mini skirt would give me less trouble with men in general too, given that they’re straight that is. I could have a black belt with a skull and crossbones belt buckle, a black tank top and pink jacket? I suppose I could always change it according to weather and my mood. Of course after my graduation I won’t be as sensitive to the weather, like hypothermia and frostbite may be a bit chilly but it isn’t going to affect me after the numerous death charms I’ll have applied. Oooh and I can have my pink strappy shoes, I can change the laces to black.

“Yep, I’ll soon be looking great for the apocalypse. It’s good to look your best before showing up in front of large crowds. I hope that they have a charm for not tripping though. That would be really harsh to trip in front of a client. It defeats the whole purpose of being beautiful and terrifying like an almost immortal femme fatale.

“Ooops, I gotta go get ready for the death graduation. I gotta make sure my hair is perfect and stays that way, some of the charms are high powered and hit like typhoons.”

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