Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of Bloggs and drabble.

This is my new blog. I will try to post here every freaking day. It's more of a writing and short story journal than anything else. It's just so I can get some writing everyday and feel that I've accomplished something and maybe give me some more drive and courage on other aspects of writing. I will not write anything new today but I shall post a drabble I did a couple of days ago.

A drabble is a short short story of exactly one hundred words. I learned this nifty term from a podcast call the Drabblecast. This is a great podcast that specializes is strange fiction. They don't always do drabbles but do weekly short stories. Their tag line is, " Weekly flash fiction that brings strange stories from strange authors to strange listeners, such as yourself."

It is a wonderful podcast that is absolutely brilliant. Norm Sherman does a great job in the production and narration of the podcast with great intro and outro babble that is usually funny, entertaining and insightful. Okay, enough pimping of the podcast I'll go ahead and post my stuff and pimp more later.

They were yelling again. I sighed and dropped out of my window into the morning mist. The convenience store was open; I bought cheap cigarettes. I looked up from the sidewalk and saw Mary. She looked just like I did four years ago when we were the same age. She whored herself out and one night didn’t come back.

She pretended to ignore me while I lit a cigarette but I heard her voice in my head.

“Go home now, before they own you too.” I laughed and dropped my cigarette.

“You can never trust a bloodsucker.” I said quietly.

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